Why Spirituality Is More Important Now Than Ever

And How Shamanic Rituals Help You Clear Out Old, Toxic Energy

Hi! I’m Denise Stargazer, an Initiated Shaman, 

and Descendant of the Incan Shaman of the High Andes in Peru.

Our practice roots itself in Pacha Mama —Mother Earth medicine.

How Shaman Teachings Can Bring You Back into Balance 

(from this crazy, off-kilter year!) 


There has been so much uncertainty in 2020 that I don’t blame you if you feel a little, well, out of sorts. As a Shaman, I help people identify subconscious belief patterns and energy blocks that slow your progress and soul evolution. By using soul retrieval techniques passed down to me from my ancestors and mentors of the Peruvian Q’Ero lineage, I help you get back to who you really are, and put your life back in balance. In this first blog, I will discuss some of the universal changes that are affecting all of us this year, (a crazy moon cycle for one!), and how you can use these universal forces to your advantage by doing simple shaman rituals for healing. We will talk about “hoocha” and how to remove negativity from your life so you can find true peace and harmony. Let’s get to it!

Wouldn’t it be nice to feel whole again?

Or like your TRUE self without all the B.S.?

The shamanic journey can show you the way back home to yourself, leaving you with a sense of peace and relief you may not have felt in years, or even decades! (Hello, motherhood, full-time job you don’t really love, and this whole quarantine business!) As a shaman woman, I understand the challenges that living in this modern space and time presents. We are more removed from nature now than ever before, but by studying shamanism we get re-connected to the earth, and are able to learn all the lessons Pacha Mama was meant to teach us.


Let’s get started with some basics on why spirituality is more important now than ever, and how shaman healing can help you reconnect to your true self.

Shamans Call on Spirit Guides for Ritual Healing

As a shaman, I connect to my archetype guides to ask for help and guidance. These archetypes come from each direction — North, South, West and East. Each direction is represented by an animal spirit archetype. These spirit guides are protectors that help those who call on them to be grounded, safe and taken care of. See below:

  North = Hummingbird

  South = Serpent

West = Jaguar

 East = Eagle/Condor

I use my shamanic rituals to connect with these animal archetypes, who share their ancient knowledge with me. My job is to translate this old knowing into language we can understand in this earthly realm, and pass their infinite intelligence on to you. This leads to a deeper knowing about your next steps and purpose in life.

Harnessing Moon Cycles to Transform Stuck Energy & Release Toxic Negativity

 Another way I access energy is through moon cycles. Moon energy is powerful and even governs earthly manifestations like high and low tides. You may have noticed when there is a full moon that people’s moods may shift and life becomes more chaotic. Hospitals, EMS workers and 911 Dispatchers all know to be more alert during a full moon because things tend to get a little crazy. The next time you notice your co-workers, spouse and kids all acting up at once, check outside — it may just be full moon energy!

 As an energy healer, I know how to harness the powerful energy of the moon in a positive, healing way. One of the ways I do this is by connecting to natural moon cycles to release, heal, and transmute energy. On June 5th, 2020 the “strawberry moon” ushered in a new era with a significant lunar eclipse cycle that will last until the same time next month.

 What this means for us is that we will be faced with contradictions — what we want to do vs. what we have to do, the old vs. the new, etc.

This new Lunar Eclipse Moon Cycle from June 5th-July 5th 2020, gives us an OPPORTUNITY for HOPE and GROWTH!

Full moon ceremonies are deeply spiritual and help us identify:

  1. What kind of energy we want to bring in for the next cycle
  2. What toxic emotions we want to release
  3. What intentions to focus on for healing ourselves and others over the next month

Using Moon Rituals to Remove “Hoocha,” or Negative Energy Blockages 

 The main goal of any shamanic ritual is to remove “hoocha” or the dark self, (sometimes called a “shadow” self in Psychology), that emerges once soul discovery begins. In order to heal we must address and embrace hoocha and move it out of our experience. Then we can move forward with true soul retrieval and transformation.

 When you have old, toxic energy stuck in your body it causes self-limiting beliefs. Hoocha can also cause physical pain, discomfort and a constant state of stress.

 By releasing this bound energy you clear the way for fresh, new ideas to come in and next steps become crystal clear to you. By performing these moon rituals, you can usher in this new era of your life right along with the new moon. This creates a high frequency vibration in your body and environment, which the universe will reward you for. You will notice that the things you want and need start coming to you naturally and easily once you remove your hoocha blockages.

Connection of Moon Ceremonies to Serpent Guide of South


Moon ceremonies are done in conjunction with fire, which honors the serpent guide of the south. When a shaman starts a moon ritual they stand over the fire and ask the archetypes to bless their journey and allow healing. The shaman then “grabs” the fire and pulls its energy into their third chakra, the solar plexus. These ceremonies and rituals can be simplified and used in daily practice to release your hoocha. As a shaman, I show you how.en you are on your path to your truest and greatest life path!

 If you need help with this, I encourage you to take part in my 100% FREE soul-changing course below. Learn ancient techniques with the convenience of modern technology. Take the course at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home. Before you know it, you will be well on your way to healing and recovery on your modern shaman journey!