Shaman Denise Stargazer

Shaman Denise Stargazer

Shaman Denise Stargazer

Between the intersection of a healer and a scientist, I was born. Raised by a rocket-scientist dad and an artist/teacher mom, I learned how to cultivate my unique blend of seeker and story-teller. These gifts have given me the grace to guide others through their darkest journeys. They have also helped me heal my own wounds, left over from divorce, betrayal and abandonment. We all have a spiritual spark we want to set free, and I have a mystical recipe to help.

I almost drowned at 7 years old. Terrifying (but awakening), I realized how intuitive I had become from this unusual initiation into light. I was drawn to help. I wanted to heal.

At the tender age of 25…I started to teach. After grad-school and for 20 years I was a college professor of Psychology and Human Development. This intertwined with my professional therapy career as a Forensic Trauma Clinician and crisis intervention expert. For years and years I worked in the trenches. I walked the streets with the homeless and searched the streams for the fallen. Darkness is no stranger to me. There is no fear where there is the possibility of hope and healing.

10 years ago, I left the world of clinical therapy and courtrooms to find solace in art. After surviving my divorce, creativity healed me. I wrote a book about it titled The Fraud Fable, and I became an art and hypnotherapist. Using my intuition helped me really understand what my clients were hiding (unbenounced to them). My path as a mystic was being paved.

And now, as an initiated shamanic energy healer, I have fully embarked on a journey of the few. Energy medicine is a strong teacher. It lifts us into light and illuminates what we haven’t been able to cure with traditional therapy, medicines or practices. As a member of the Q’ero Shaman from Peru, I am a mystic. A truth teller. A keeper of the ancient stories and wisdom. And I am a clear-channel intuitive. I am Denise Stargazer. Healer and helper.

I openly share this light path with those seeking healing. I hope you find what you are looking for, and what your soul longs for within these pages. Blessings abound.