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Shaman Stargazer 

I am a Mystic. As an initiated shaman in the Q’ero lineage, I use energy medicine as a spiritual tool of healing. But you know what’s incredible? This path was laid out before me when I was very young….

My work with Denise Braun over the past three years has truly altered the course of my life in more ways than I can put into words.  Denise has helped me to face my deepest life-long fears and move past them in a very powerful way; I was never able to find resolve through traditional therapy.  When I met Denise I immediately trusted her and decided to commit to doing the work she laid before me (I will add that it is imperative that you do your own personal work).  After each session with Denise, I began to trust myself and my own intuition a little more.  The cumulative effect of three years of work: I am now a business and a homeowner.  I no longer live in constant fear.  I rely on my intuition to guide me.  I trust that my needs are always met.  I have peace in my life.
I am eternally grateful for Denise.  

Heidi Ullum

Life Changers

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Spiritual Intuition Sessions

My intuitive guidance sessions are not your run of the mill psychic readings. Psychic readings alone will mitigate your life challenges or concerns for awhile. If you’re seeking lasting, sustainable balance and change, follow me…

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Shamanic Energy Session

You’ve gone to therapists. You’ve done hours and hours of personal healing work. Yet you remain stuck. Or afraid to move forward. Or you sabotage your success and/or your relationships. In the shamanic healing tradition, this requires an energy shift.

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​What You’re Missing

You and I have something in common. We have experienced loss. We  have felt stuck. And we are looking for healing. “What’s next?” resonates internally as you look for clarity. “Why am I so lost?” repeats in your mind. “I can’t make a choice…” has become too real. I call your challenge a psychic, emotional life issue.