The Path of the Mystic

Apprentice with Shaman Stargazer 

A psychic/emotional challenge is not solved through conventional means. No pill, talk-therapy session, or doctor’s visit will confront that which is a spiritual struggle. And all illness (emotional or physical) has an energetic/spiritual component.

The ancient shaman understood this. And saw the world as both visible (what our conscious mind can see), and that which is invisble (what is energy based, not visible to the naked eye).


As you consider your goals and aspirations that sit on the horizon—your long held dreams, your desire to create your own healing business, that new fulfilling relationship you’ve been looking for, or maybe a career you’ve imagined all your life…they seem possible. Attainable.

Yet so far away.

Why don’t changes last?

How do you create lasting change in your day to day world? It begins by realizing that true change occurs with the help of the mystics. All of your challenges have been created in that visible, conscious world. But the magic belongs to the unseen. The ancient wisdom of the Mystic (which is found in our deeper, heart centered invisible landscape).

Together, you and I will navigate your dreamscapes with the support of the invisible world. The spiritual energy of the ancient ones, of the wisdom keepers. It is within the invisible world that lasting change is created. And the invisible world is beckoning you to jump into a spiritual learning path.

And I will be your guide. As a shamanic energy mystic, I can help you unlock your true power and potentials.

Let’s talk about these magical apprenticeships that I offer only to 8 women per year. Follow the link to schedule your call.

Here’s How it Works:

6 months, 6 miracle making practices, and 8 women (ONLY)


Spiritual Guidance Calls

(2 calls per month to guide you into higher intuition and to release fear–part hypnosis, part shamanic journey work)


Motivation Emails &  Accountability

(with the step by step recipes for your success, all there, ready to activate, keeping you accountable)


Manifestation Pratices

(real world, simple but powerful ancient exercises that take you through each 2-week focus–from health to love, career, and change)


Lineage/Ancestral Magic Zoom Calls

(Connect to your guides through visualization work and ancient medicine during these very special shamanic energy calls)


Sacred Circle Downloads

(These follow ancient ceremonial traditions and work to increase your self-trust, drastically increase your intuition, and release fear from your life)


Mind, Body Spirit Sessions

(In person or on the phone, an amped up intuitive session using sound healing, shamanic illumination, and trance to get you into the invisible world of permanent change).

It will only take 6-months to change your life. You bring your goals and desires, and WE carve out the permanent solution to your new, high-frequency journey.

Are you ready?


Registration is closed for Spring/Summer 2020. Leave Your Email…I will let you know when early bird registration opens for late Fall 2020-Spring 2021.

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