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the Arrow

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   with Denise Braun-Stargazer, MA, Ch.T.

The Arrow is an Earth Medicine Practice which blends ancient ritual from the Q’ero Shamanic Lineage, Divine Feminine Spirituality, Mentorship (by me), and community. This hybrid work is a culmination of my clinical psychology background, shamanic practitioner initiation, and spell- casting with hypnosis and plant medicine to create transformation. Your experience will be unique to you, and feel deeply moving. Our community consists of women from all around the world who are showing up alongside YOU, to support transofmeation and break through. If you are seeking solace, release from old patterns and ways of being, a way to move past fear and emerge brighter and stronger in your life, The Arrow holds space for your growth.

The Arrow Earth Medicine Practice

Mentoring Immersion
6-week Online Immersion
For 2 to 4 women

Intuitive/Shamanic Training
4-month one-on-one magick and shamanic
Training with Denise Stargazer

Twice a year in person retreats
In Portland, OR
(10 women max)

Individual Sacred Retreat
One-on-One in person retreats
With Denise Stargazer in Portland, OR

The Arrow is an invitation to embrace your own healing journey and reconnect with the wisdom of the earth.

The Mentoring Immersion

It’s time to say yes to your soul.

A small-group program for women around the world who are ready to step into their authentic life, ramp up their intuitive gifts, and step away from doubt and fear. This mentoring immersion will fulfill your desire to bond with a group of like-minded mystical women who also seek a deepened connection to their spiritual and intuitive practice. If you’re tired of settling and want to know more about psychic practices, spiritual alignment and mysticism (with the love and safety of some badass babes), this Immersion is for you.

Intuitive/Shamanic Training

Online One-On-One Guidance with Denise Stargazer.

This 4-month journey will take you through the directions of the medicine wheel and connect you back to the power of Pachamama (Mother Earth). Together, we will prepare you for a lifestyle that alchemizes your spiritual soul to a new practice of folk magick and energy medicine based in ancient shamanic ritual. You can expect to complete this training and prepare to work with others in your own business or life. If you are called to this intense training, you are ready to step into a new way of living and practicing your soul-calling.

And I will guide you.


Weekend Ritual and Power Healing in the heart of Portland, Oregon. When the call is heard, we must go. Follow your heart and journey to the Pacific Northwest and into the cradle of sisterhood as you find space to grow and heal. These small group retreats help magical women gain clarity, heart alignment and a forge a new voice with like-minded seekers. We will sit by the sacred fire, beat our drums, honor the land and journey with the aid of energy and plant medicine. These small groups meet in spring and fall.

Where does the walk begin?

Individual Sacred Retreat

Sometimes a moment away can bring a new alignment we never realized was possible. This one-on-one weekend retreat in Portland, Oregon is created just for you. Together, you and I will forge a new path, help heal the hurt, open your heart chakra and bless your journey into empowerment. As every Individual Sacred Retreat is different, we begin with online calls to discern what medicine is needed. From there, we create a sacred escape solely for you. You will be immersed in nurturance, shamanic energy medicine, fire and sound. If you seek intense guidance and grounding in your life, 

this retreat is for you.