Welcome, friend

You’ve said YES to something magical. And transformational.
As a shamanic healer and clear-channel intuitive, I am here to guide you on a four-week exploration of change and rebirth.

Together, we will Rise Like a Phoenix….From the Ashes of Your Life.

In my 18 years of experience as a trauma therapist, college professor, and author, I have heard clients and students often comment:

“Denise…nothing ever changes…”Despite their best efforts to use willpower, trips to their therapist, and doctor’s advice to create a change-based mindset, they continued to feel as though they were stuck. That nothing lasted even if small shifts were created. They reported not feeling seen, heard or validated. And often, they would tell me countless stories of self-sabotage and personal betrayal. Especially when their lives were actually beginning to improve.

Why do we do this? What can we do to change this?

As a humanity of comfort (with a desire for immediate results), we often overlook one very simple part of our life experience. And it is this:

Our extraordinary ability to heal. And to utilize spiritual energy/divine intervention to create a life of empowerment and sparkle!


We are going to explore your sparkle. And find your FIRE!

In the next four weeks, you will:

  • Begin to incorporate divine energy to start to feel joyful, empowered and have clarity.
  • Use sets of weekly questions to hone in on your goals, desires and needs.
  • Define your current challenge and have guided support to rise above the fray into healing and inspiration.
  • Participate in a group Facebook forum to share ideas and gather new ways to view life’s blessings. (Click here to join the Facebook group)
  • Begin to use “Frequency Builders” to connect to life’s good stuff.
  • Gather tools to use daily that will help you find hope and grounding.
  • Learn how the ancient ways of the shaman can energize your daily experience.
  • Learn how to increase your intuition.
  • Understand the Language of the Sacred and why you should pay attention to these in order to thrive!
  • Discern and understand what the psychic “Claires” are all about…and figure out which Claire is best suited to YOU!
  • Walk through a Soul Interview to go DEEP and figure out what you REALLY need to change.
  • Start to use Sacred Rituals and healing practices to feel safe.

And so much MORE!!!

You will soon be receiving your Week 1 video “class” and email, chock-full of blessings and ideas to activate a new beginning. I invited you to be curious. To dive in and be vulnerable. And most of all, to breathe deeply and imagine the possibility. 
Did I tell you how thrilled I am to have you join me for this journey of heart and expansion?

Well, I am delighted. Thank you for taking the first step to believe….in yourself.