Spiritual Intuition Sessions

My Spiritual Intuition support sessions are designed to “see” what’s going on beyond your conscious mind. If you are called to these sessions, you are looking for answers. And your call to find answers has a divine purpose. Together, we’ll see where you find success, where you create blocks, what you need to overcome obstacles, and how to move forward in your life. These sessions support relationship challenges, work-related changes, life events (think marriage, divorce, new baby, health questions), major milestone awareness and more.

I am happy to schedule one reading with you. However, most clients find they require at least two Spiritual Intuitive Guidance sessions to create a plan to heal. Sessions bought in packages of two or more are recommeded. Please use my scheduling tool to find your session openings. 

Want more information? Feel free to email me your questions using the space provided at the bottom of this page.