Spiritual Foresight: Divining Your Intuitive Life

Grow Spiritual Practice. Rekindle Your Intuition.
Find Community.

Your heart is calling…let it lead the way!
When you sign up to become a member of our 90-day journey, you’ll realize what was missing. And find what is needed.

We will embark on a journey of self-discovery. We’ll listen and cultivate our spiritually focused lives. We’ll find clarity, intuitive sparks, relatable narratives, and gain insight from our struggles.

Within 90-days, you will:
–Reclaim your dormant spiritual gifts
–Spark your natural intuition
–Grow with a groups of like-minded women
–Trust your life purpose
–Really let go of past fear and pain-states
–Begin to heal your difficult relationships
–Practice resilience
–Cultivate more joy
–Claim your shadow work and release it with ease
–Understand your role as an empath and honor your lightwork
–Realize how community builds empowerment
–Find more solace and peace in your day to day journey
–Move through life transitions with more ease and clarity (think life events like moving, breakups, divorce, new babies, new jobs, empty nesters, loss, newly single, newly married, newly gender identified, boredom habits, failure to launch, over-booking your life and so on)…
–Illuminate what helps you heal

Together, I am offering tried and true esoteric practices and tools every week to help dissolve blocks, and to love your life. We relate, we cleanse, we create a space and experience for healing and breakthroughs.

Are you ready?

Spiritual Foresight

90-Day Experience
(billed at sign up)

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Ready and willing? But prefer to pay per month?
($296 billed 3x in 12 weeks)

I am offering a one-time full scholarship for Spiritual Foresight.
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I don’t promise a quick fix.
There is no defined formula for 100% success 100% of the time.
I do promise wisdom, ancient traditions and practices, personal revelations, a wealth of experience and a setting where we can heal. And begin anew.

You will strengthen your connection with source energy, your heart and your soul.
You will heal the parts of yourself that have long been neglected.
You will take these revelations and breakthroughs into your personal relationships.
You will flow into your life with more grace and empowerment.
You will awaken your intuition in new and powerful ways.
You will smile. And feel loved.