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The Wild + Holy Membership

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Sacred Healing.

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You would think I’m exaggerating when I tell you it has taken me five years to curate this membership. It is no exaggeration. Why so long?

 Many moons ago I searched for a ritual/healing “kit” that would serve my spiritual needs. But also contain the highest quality, most ethically sourced contents imaginable. I needed a LEGIT healing kit. I wanted it to be tailored for my discerning taste.

 And you know what?

It didn’t exist.

 I found member kits full of trinkets and bobbles from Amazon. With low quality crystals (some were fake) and instructions mass-printed on someone’s at-home printer, squished into the box.


 Here I am, five long years later, announcing with joy and amazement that I have created the Wild + Holy Membership for US! Forty of us, in fact. Why only 40 members? Because this membership includes a healing/ritual kit (a box in all actuality). And ladies and gentleman, these boxes can’t be mass produced. 

What Makes The Wild + Holy Membership One of A Kind?

 Every 5 to 6 weeks you will receive a ritual/healing kit (box). Each kit contains elements for the ritual of the month. The first box is alllll about MANIFESTATION. And every item in the kit will help you perform a ritual of manifesting.

 Each item in the kit is hand chosen, hand packed and hand-curated by me. Denise Stargazer. Which also means every item has been shamanically blessed and prepared for you with the utmost care and spiritual practice I can create. As a shaman, energy medicine healer and intuitive, I wanted these items to be of highest frequency when they arrive in your home.

How Does the Wild + Holy Membership Work?

Because this membership is all about ritual and healing, you are singing up for a Kit that arrives to your home every 6 weeks. Only 40 members will receive these kits, which means we have set aside the materials for each and every one of you.

You agree to purchase (3) kits between now and December 24th.

The first kit is MANIFESTATION.

Our second kit is PROTECTION.

Our third kit is GRATITUDE & RELEASE (perfect for the holiday season).

The membership is $85 every six week, plus $8 shipping. Billed to you credit card up front as a single payment of $279 (kit and shipping included). If you are a student in my The Sun The Shaman and Spirit class, you receive $10 off (you have a code to enter at checkout).

You are not obligated to any future membership/kit purchases. But, of course, you are more than welcome to continue your membership once we bring the new rotation of healing kits into 2022 starting in March.


  • 3 total membership healing/ritual kits (one in September, one in October and one in December).
  • Exclusive videos about the ritual items, how to create sacred healing space (and use your kit contents), as well as a private Facebook Group where we share our journeys.
  • First come access to online classes and sacred retreats being planned for 2022 and beyond.
  • Discounts for other sacred items with affiliate shops

You may cancel anytime after your 3-kit membership is complete. No refunds or exchanges.
Follow the links for Sign-Up. And thank you for being a part of this new, sacred community.