Feathers & Fire Arrows

Spark. Create. Grow.

Come and Join Us For This
4-Week Online Workshop

Feathers & Fire Arrows is a collaboration with Denise Stargazer (Initiated Shaman and Spiritual Intuitive) and Jen Cushman (Soul, Stir, Magic and Angel Medium).

Together, we are bringing you a month of high-frequency healing classes to SPARK your sacred practices, CREATE from your heart and GROW a new, soulful YOU.

What You Receive in this 4-Week Workshop:

  • A month long journey into intuition, sacred rituals, creativity, spiritual channeling and more.
  • Each week you receive two pre-recorded classes (go at your own pace)!
  • Plus three LIVE classes presented in Zoom (these live classes will be recorded for later viewing, too)!
  • Q & A session with Jen and Denise—answering all of your questions about channeling, mediumship, astrology, shamanism and more
  • Guided angel meditations to increase your connection to the divine
  • Shamanic Fire Arrow ceremony with instructions to create your own fire arrow rituals
  • A Crystal Healing class—so you finally know just HOW to use all those gorgeous stones!
  • Learn how to speak Light Language
  • Discover how to view Auras (and learn Candle Gazing)!
  • Meet your Guardian Angels!
  • Make your own Feather and Fire Arrows leather and silver bracelets!
  • Resource lists for ongoing education and support
  • Go through a guided angel meditation and learn to speak to angels
  • Learn how Shaman open Sacred Space for clearing and grounding (& how you can do this, too) 

All of these lessons and live courses comprise more than 15 hours of magic, guidance and support…

Now Available

This 4-week workshop is a $300 dollar investment. Register now to get access to all of the course material.


Course Objectives:

 By the time we have journeyed together in these 4-weeks…you will be familiar with and able to:

  • Recognize your own inner voice from your intuitive voice
  • Channel and communicate with your Guardian Angels and Guides
  • Meditate with confidence and with purpose
  • Use crystals and ‘earth gifts’ to help you with healing mind, body and soul
  • Start seeing Aura colors and know how to open your 3rd eye
  • Use oracle cards with confidence and discern their messages
  • Use Light Language as a tool to communicate with the angel realm
  • Open Sacred Space in the Shamanic style
  • Create a Bracelet made of ‘feathers and fire arrows’
  • Use leather wraps to create your own unique bracelet
  • Create a Fire Arrow ceremony through Shamanic Ritual
  • Make your own Fire Arrows (even if you don’t have space or room for an outdoor fire)


  • Class opens on December 5th with an introduction video that lands in your email box.
  • Your first two classes are sent to you on December 10th.
  • Your first LIVE with Shaman Stargazer is at NOON PST on December 11th (It’s ok if you can’t make it, we will record these lives).
  •  Every week you will receive two pre-recorded classes through December.
  • Your second LIVE will be December 18th with Jen Cushman guiding you through an Angel Meditation
  • Your Final LIVE will be on New Year’s Day—January 1, 2022

Meet Jen Cushman


Your soulful guide for
the “Feathers” portions of this workshop…

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always felt the presence of “my people” – spirit guides and angels.

Most of my life I was able to express and share my sensitivities through writing and making art. And while I always understood how highly sensitive I was, it took me most of my adult life of being a spiritual seeker to learn I’m an Empath, meaning I feel all the feels.

Twenty years ago I received my first level Reiki attunement and six years ago I advanced to the master attunement level while also becoming a Certified Angel Tarot Card Reader through Hay House Publishing. My connection to the Angelic Realm is strong and I use all the “Claire’s” in my intuitive work.

My life path is to be a teacher and a spiritual guide. One of my deep passions is to help you hear, feel and listen to the whispers of your unique soul.

Your soul knows its truth. But life, with all its external and internal noise, often runs interference with our higher self GPS. My spirit team and I guide you to recalibrate to your authentic inner guidance system to move you in the direction of a happier, healthier and more fully awake life.

Meet Denise Braun-Stargazer



My gift of healing and guiding the wounded began as a young child. Neighbors, friends and adults would confide in me their fears or uncertainties. And I always ‘knew’ what was going on in their lives without their need to tell me any details. I was drawn to religious texts and read the Koran and the Bible by the age of 9. I often had vivid dreams of being killed in Pompeii and sinking on the Titanic. These images started when I was three (and had no idea where these place were or why I would have been on a cruise ship in the 20th century)!


As a young adult, I was the go-to for anyone with heartache, fear or shame. I would sit in my college dorm and talk for hours on end with the lost and the weary. So often I would choose supporting a student over attending class. Needless to say it took me longer than usual to finish college.


Fast forward…I became a licensed clinical trauma therapist with a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology. And Forensic expert. Guiding clients in private practice and in the court room was my career. Until I burnt out and retired. In between I also taught college courses for almost 20 years. But I waved goodbye to that life and launched into my innate gifts: intuitive guidance and healing in 2012.


I began learning the ancient ways of the Q’ero Shaman in 2018. My invitation to begin this path arrived through intense visions, dreams and visitations from spirit guides and hawks (winged messengers). I found my Shaman Master teacher in Peru and Santa Fe, NM. And I never looked back. My clinical practice turned into energy medicine and spiritual guidance.


I am here for one purpose—to teach others the gifts of spirit and light. To guide energy healing and awaken individual’s sense of purpose and meaning. As a Shaman, I use earth medicine and stones to aid in healing others. I am a seeker of the mystic and finder of the mysteries. Together, we work as a team to encourage your soul to remember who you are. Long before other people told you who to become. Let light guide us to divine knowing my friends. We were made for this.

Now Available

This 4-week workshop is a $300 dollar investment. Register now to get access to all of the course material. 

Important Information about this class and accessing this course:

**Upon purchasing your course, you will be asked to create an account.

**Due to the nature of the availability of the course, all purchases are nonrefundable and final.

Please email us at shaman@denisestargazer.com for issues

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