Have you been curious about astrology? You know your sign, and maybe a little more…but you’re ready to dive into your natal chart?

Join me for a playful and informative live Astrology Class! My name is Denise Stargazer. I’m an initiated shaman, an intuitive and tarot reader, and astrologer.

Together, you + 20 students will be guided through some basic and intermediate astrology insights including:
• Knowing your sun, rising, moon signs + More!
• Understanding the Natal Wheel and Houses.
• Knowledge about Transits & Progressions.
• How to read your chart easily—& anyone else’s chart too!
• How to predict events in your life
• Ways to remember harmonious and challenging aspects of any chart.


 Our class will meet THREE TIMES. Beginning February 20th (Sunday), for three Sundays at 11am Pacific Time. We’ll meet for 60-minutes on each class date. Can’t attend a class? All class dates will be recorded and placed on my web site for easy review.
Our class will meet on Zoom and you’ll receive a link for our Sunday meet and learn days.

Join me and a community of like-minded friends to dive into your Natal Chart! All participants will receive their Natal Chart via email, and instructions on how to use Astro dot com to pull up anyones chart.

This live class is $99…but if you sign up before 2/1, you’ll receive $10 off (so you pay only $89)!

No supplies or experience necessary! Just bring yourself and a notebook for ideas and insights.

I can’t wait to see you in class!

Denise Braun-Stargazer

Now Available

This live class is $99…but if you sign up before 2/1, you’ll receive $10 off (so you pay only $89)!


Important Information about this class and accessing this course:

**Upon purchasing your course, you will be asked to create an account.

**Due to the nature of the availability of the course, all purchases are nonrefundable and final.

Please email us at shaman@denisestargazer.com for issues

 All content and images are copyright and belong to Denise Braun-Stargazer. 
You may not duplicate any part of this workshop for any reason without written consent from Denise Braun-Stargazer.