Hello I am Asha

From a young age, I have been a seeker. And once I found the tarot, it changed my life.
There was something about sitting with the tarot deck that felt like coming home.
Finding guidance within these ancient cards supported my life and fueled my esoteric
fire. Ever since, my spiritual path has led me here, with you, supporting your journey
while I look inside myself for intuition and guidance. I have successfully found the
power to manifest and determine my destiny. I’d like to help you find your true path as
I was a hairstylist more than half my life, but I always felt a pull to foster the spiritual side
of me. As a self-proclaimed moon child, rituals and reading the tarot became my
church– and I knew deep inside that I wanted my life and my work to be centered
around this. Ritual is powerful.
Fast forward to my current life. I left styling behind, and fully embraced my magic, ritual,
and tarot. For years, I dreamt of a mountain and felt the overwhelming call to seek this
place, and to devote myself to my spiritual practice. Taos New Mexico was calling (and
where I found that mountain!) I followed my intuition, quit my career as a hairstylist of 23
years and moved my family. I have never felt so free (and my intuition has grown
I love being able to help the people make big life decisions and have clarity in their lives
with tarot readings. It brings me joy to be able to help people gain clarity in their lives. I
hope to meet you soon!