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My Spiritual Intuition support sessions are designed to “see” what’s going on beyond your conscious mind. and as an initiated shaman, I have received various sacred rites as a healer from the lineage of the Q’ero Shaman in Peru.

What You’re Missing

You and I have something in common. We have experienced loss. We  have felt stuck. And we are looking for healing. “What’s next?” resonates internally as you look for clarity. “Why am I so lost?” repeats in your mind. “I can’t make a choice…” has become too real. I call your challenge a psychic, emotional life issue.

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Most fabulous human . Ever. Denise is an amazing Intuitive!

Rated 5.0 out of 5
July 26, 2023

I have been seeing Denise for years but I recently had the privilege of attending an outstanding intuitive session, and I must say it was an incredibly transformative experience. From the moment the session began, Denise exuded warmth, compassion, and a deep sense of understanding. Her ability to tap into my energy and provide insightful guidance was truly remarkable. She effortlessly delved into the core of my concerns and provided clarity on various aspects of my life. Denise’s intuitive abilities were accompanied by a genuine desire to support and empower me, and I left the session feeling uplifted, inspired, and equipped with valuable tools to navigate my journey.

What truly sets Denise apart was the level of accuracy and specificity in the information provided. She effortlessly tapped into areas of my life that were deeply personal, often addressing concerns and questions that I hadn’t even verbalized. Her intuitive insights were not only accurate but also delivered with sensitivity and tact, creating a safe and nurturing space for exploration and growth. The session felt like a true collaboration with Denise, as always, actively engaging and encouraging me to participate in the process. Overall, the outstanding intuitive session left me with a profound sense of self-awareness and a renewed sense of purpose. I highly recommend Denise to anyone seeking guidance, clarity, and support on their life’s path. Love love love her! ❤️

Lisa Diaz

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Shaman Stargazer 

I am a Mystic. As an initiated shaman in the Q’ero lineage, I use energy medicine as a spiritual tool of healing. But you know what’s incredible? This path was laid out before me when I was very young….